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Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Company Formation is the formation of or creation of an Offshore Company. This can have many benefits, and is particularly useful if you are considering or want to achieve any of the following:

  • Simplification of company operations
  • Asset Protection
  • Reduction of your tax burden
  • If you wish to enter into cross border business transactions
  • In order to own intellectual property, copyrights, patents and trademarks
  • You wish to invest offshore
  • You want to buy and hold real estate at home and overseas
  • You have an internet based company and want to take advantage of the significant benefits of structuring as an Offshore Company
  • You are a professional, consultant, artist or other self employed person wishing to gain the advantages of working as an employee or external consultant of an Offshore Company
  • Yacht Registration
  • Confidentiality

We appreciate that every individuals needs are unique to them and often the step of setting up an Offshore (International Business) Company can seem daunting. Therefore, if you wish to discuss your particular needs in absolute confidence we are always delighted to be of assistance.

There are many offshore jurisdictions. At, we always seek to find the most competitive and effective jurisdictions to suit our clients’ needs. Although we can assist clients with many different jurisdictions, we have specialised for many years in Seychelles, Belize and Cyprus Companies, and in more recent times UAE Ras Al Khaimah Companies are rapidly becoming our most requested jurisdiction for offshore company formation, with good reason. This structure is designed to give maximum protection and confidentiality and a quality image to our clients along with a form of protection previously unavailable from the offshore company formation industry.

Our most popular offshore company formation product remains the Seychelles IBC (International Business Company) with a guaranteed Bank Account. Through our years of experience we have earned a solid reputation and have built a strong relationship with the banking industry worldwide, allowing us to make guarantees over provision of bank accounts that few others are able to provide. We are fully licensed to many International Banks both inside and outside of Europe.

Free Bank Account Pre-approval service. We are the first Company Service Provider to offer this service to our clients. We have built our superb 20 year reputation by ensuring our clients receive a suitable Bank account as part of their offshore company formation (International Business Company). Many companies offer to introduce clients to a Bank for their newly formed offshore company, but on many occasions this does not happen. By buying your proposed new offshore Company from us, we guarantee a Bank account before you pay our fees. Upon request, we will send you a simple 5 page document to complete and return to us with a copy of your passport. This is a confidential document between us and our client. Upon our review, we are able to select and discuss with you the correct Bank for your particular needs. In most cases, approval is given by the Banks within 24 hours. No credit score is required but you will be required to provide two forms of identification.

For free confidential advice please do not hesitate to contact us either via email at or by telephone on +44 (0) 1305 853310. Skype calls are welcomed by prior arrangement. Our Skype address is: molybank.