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Seychelles IBC with Bank Account Exclusive Complete Offshore Company & Bank Account Package. All you need to start trading internationally with our preferred IBC Jurisdiction.

This exclusive offshore tax free Company with Guaranteed Bank account is unique to our Company and has made us one of the top offshore services providers in the world.

Why our exclusive Seychelles IBC – Cyprus Trust Structure is our best selling product

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Due to having one of the best reputations in the offshore sector and our first class Banking relationships we are able to provide our clients with a Seychelles offshore (International Business Company ) with a guaranteed Bank account* that provides total confidentiality and protection with ease of setup.

The Seychelles is a modern and compliant Company jurisdiction, which at the same times offers confidentiality via our exclusive Nominee Director and shareholder service.

The Seychelles islands are located in the Indian Ocean, between the east coast of Africa and India. The independent republic of the Seychelles is progressive and offers fast and easy Company incorporation. The benefits of a Seychelles International Company (IBC) are:

  • Seychelles Companies are exempt from all taxes on income derived out the Seychelles
  • No requirement to file accounts, but accounts need to be kept
  • Seychelles registered office required, supplied by us
  • Only one shareholder and Director required, supplied by us if required
  • Board meetings can be held anywhere in the world
  • No minimum or maximum share capital required
  • Shares may be issued in a variety of forms and may be Par or no Par value, voting or non-voting
  • Shares may be issued before any payment is made
  • Yearly fees are currently £925.00 p.a including nominee Director fees
  • The name of an IBC must end with a word or an abbreviation thereof such Limited, Corporation or S.A. “Society Anonyme”

For further information why not contact us on our helpline + 44 (0)1305 853310 for free and confidential advice. Or if you prefer contact us by email at:

For speed and convenience we already have access to a number of Seychelles companies already set up that would be available to you. Please consult the list (see below) in case any would suit your requirements.

Fees: £2250.00

Fees for the above package are £2250.00 and include all courier charges and the opening of the Bank account on your behalf. No Bank visit required.

Company Yearly Fees are £925.00 (payable on the anniversary of the company) inclusive of nominee director and IBC fee and annual certificate of good standing.

Recent changes have been made to the Seychelles IBC Compliance Requirements, for further information click here.

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