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Visa Debit Card

Visa Debit Card for Private Use

  • Provides the convenience and acceptance of a Visa Card
  • Global access to a worldwide network of electronic banking and cash transfers facilities
  • Available to every client. We do not pry into your financial affairs
  • Essential for the international traveller or businessman
  • Ideal for clients with low or no credit score
  • Available to Bankrupts
  • Completely Non Status
  • No Credit reference required
  • No Bank reference required

It is essential to have a credit or debit card today when so many outlets no longer accept cheques. Shopping, a meal, buying on-line – all these require a VISA card or similar. Life is difficult without one. are delighted to be able to offer VISA debit card facilities through a major bank without credit check or bank reference.

The card is issued by a major bank. A private Bank account will be opened in your name which will enable you to obtain the Visa card. A holding deposit from $2,500 USD (or equivalent, depending on card choice) will be required to activate your account. All cards give access to $3,000 USD (cash withdrawals) and $30,000 USD (purchases) per day or currency equivalent. Some countries specify lower maximum spending limits.

Fees: $1000

Fees for the above package include all courier charges and the opening of the bank account on your behalf.

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