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The benefits of the Seychelles as an Offshore Jurisdiction

At we strongly recommend the use of the Seychelles as a jurisdiction when looking to form your Offshore Company. The Seychelles still remains one of the most popular offshore jurisdictions achieving almost the impossible in its provision of private, secure, yet simple and tax efficient vehicles whilst always remaining well regulated and compliant.

The Seychelles is a group of Islands in the South West Indian Ocean. A democratic independent republic, the Seychelles enjoys a high level of political security and is significantly more prosperous than other countries in the region.

Offshore financial services are one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the country with good IT, telecommunication and transport links. The Seychelles is able, accommodating and sensitive to the needs of business. Incorporation is simple and fast, it is possible to make use of a Nominee Director to ensure absolute confidentiality, and as the country has no information-sharing agreements with any other country and has strict confidential provisions in place you can be absolutely assured of your privacy and confidentiality. And what is more, because the Seychelles Offshore is 100% tax free locally there is absolutely no reporting and no requirement to file accounts.

Therefore regardless of whether you want to trade, protect your assets, provide for tax efficient business planning or open a secure Offshore Bank Account, the Seychelles is an excellent choice.