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The benefits of using Cyprus as an Offshore Jurisdiction

At we highly recommend Cyprus as a jurisdiction of distinction. We consider Cyprus to be a robust financial environment, with strong World Class products and services and a courteous and professional workforce. A jurisdiction with which we have strong ties and an excellent professional relationship with many within the financial and banking sectors, which enables us to be able to offer Guaranteed Bank Accounts, without references or credit checks.

Today Cyprus is one of Europe’s fastest growing countries, having transformed itself into one the Mediterranean’s most dynamic business and financial centres. Cyprus can now be considered part of a new world order, straddling the gateway of Asia, Africa and Europe. With strong ties to the Middle East, the Balkans and Eastern Europe as well as the EU, Cyprus is realising its potential as a “business bridge” between these vastly different continents.

It has to be recognised that Cyprus has in recent time been going through some difficult changes with the collapse of Laiki Bank and the “haircut” imposed by the Bank of Cyprus. However we continue to support Cyprus as a centre for business and the formation of Cyprus Companies due mainly to the very low Corporation tax rates for Cyprus Companies.

We are able to provide Bank accounts for Cyprus Companies within Cyprus with Hellenic Bank, Euro Bank, Bank of Cyprus and Piraeus Bank.

Many of our clients benefit from the use of Cyprus as a Company within Europe, especially useful when our clients require Merchant Card Services for their business. Merchant card providers will usually not provide card service facilities to offshore Companies.

Cyprus has one of the highest percentage of University Graduates in Europe, the workforce is multi-lingual, with the majority speaking excellent English (the language of commerce), and often Russian, French and German as well as their mother tongue Greek.

Cyprus Financial sectors are stable, strong and are currently demonstrating steady growth and prosperity. It offers World Class professional services in the EU’s most favourable tax efficient environment. The low corporate tax rate is just 10%. And Cyprus has a broad network of double taxation agreements, with over 40 countries.